At the time, with its facilities in the Mina Industrial Zone, Canelas - VN Gaia (photo), its market began to be essentially that of buses (90%) and its clients were: J. Espírito Santo, Rodonorte and Autoviação Pacense, among others.

Three years after its foundation, and due to the positive and consolidated evolution being observed, the founding partner is joined by his sons Joel Lebre and Pedro Lebre, for a new phase of growth that, two years later, created the need to incorporate the the company's first commercial representative, Mr. Manuel Paiva. Since those days and until today, the staff has been increasing according to the structure's needs, reaching the a current total of 30 employees in the most different areas. In 2006, the initial facility's accommodations became scarce for the company's evolution and it became necessary to move to a larger area, with increased capacity for growth and with greater ease of access and visibility, in the Industrial Zone of Urtigueira, also in Canelas. These facilities were expanded and improved successively in 2008 and 2013, forming what Motorbus is today - 3 warehouses with a total of 3000m2.

In the year of 2018, more specifically on May 14, another remarkable date in the history of the company, the opening of the branch/store in Lisbon - Castanheira do Ribatejo, with 2200m2 and that allows to extend in a more effective way the area of influence of the company.

This evolutionary process resulted in the attribution of the ISO 9001: 2008 certification awarded by APCER and the status of PME Líder Excellence from 2012 to 2020



Our mission is to guarantee total customer satisfaction


At Motorbus we are constantly committed and motivated for the continuous improvement of our service and in meeting the needs of our customers. In this perspective, we have implemented the Quality Management System according to the normative reference NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, certain that it will be an impetus for our growth and that will make us a safe bet in the market for heavy-duty vehicle parts.

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The presented general conditions by Motorbus apply to the sale of the products marketed by this company

These general conditions of sale define, in particular, the conditions of ordering, payment, delivery and possible return management of the products requested by customers. The sales activity of Motorbus is exclusively aimed at a professional and business clientele, be it public or private.

Therefore, purchases made by any customer to Motorbus are understood as being made within the scope of their professional and business activities.

General sale conditions




It is a great pride to work with Motorbus

"Working with Motorbus is a very big responsibility because it is one of the main players in the Portuguese market and we try to give all possible support in terms of marketing, services, tools, sales support and it is a great pride to work with Motorbus."

Frederico Abecassis - Behr Hella


"Working with Motorbus is easy. Motorbus has a quality that we enjoy: Transparency."

Hugo Farela – ZF Portugal

Quality and professionalism

"Working with Motorbus is a sign of partnership and commitment to the development of the business with parameters of quality and professionalism."

Helder Pereira – Mann Filter

A benchmark company in the sector

"Motorbus is a central partner in Motul's Heavy Duty strategy because it shares the same values ​​as our brand: quality, authenticity, ingenuity, expertise and friendship! When one operates on the same values, work becomes simple and effective. The positive and pragmatic approach of the entire Motorbus team should be highlighted, making it a benchmark company in the sector, still with a great margin for growth."

Hugo Brito - Motul