25 years of dedication and commitment to the sector

We are a company specializing in the commercialization of multibrand heavy vehicle parts. Operating since 1995, with a solid culture based on three characterizing pillars: Dedication, Quality and Professionalism - we seek to always guarantee total satisfaction of our clients.

  • body parts
  • injection
  • gearbox
  • differential
  • clutch
  • exhaust
  • filters
  • lubricants
  • engine
  • cooling system
  • electrical System
  • suspension
  • transmission
  • brakes
  • steering
Cabin Shock Absorbers, Cabin pumps, Cabin Cylinders, Deflectors, Mirrors, Stirrups, Cabin fasteners, Door locks, Grills, Slat guard, Sun shades, Bumpers, Cabin Racks, Windshields Injectors, Pressure pumps, Filters, Floats, Caps, Injector tubes, Sensors, Tanks Synchronizers washers, Gear mountings, Cables, Cylinders, Gear Filters, Repair kits, Gaskets kits, Gearbox bearings, Valves, Primary shafts, Secondary shafts, GS3 modules, I-SHIFT modules Differential cases, Wheel hubs, Differential flange, Wheel nuts, Crown & Pinion kits, King pine kits, Differential Repair Kits, Wheel bolts, Planetary gears, Wheel seals, Wheel Hub Bearings, Differential bearings, Wheel hub covers Actuators, Washers, Pumps, Discs, Forks, Kits, Springs, Bearings, Rollers, Servos, Tubes Clamps, Mounts, Catalysts, Manifolds, Mufflers, Pipes, Turbos, EGR modules Air filters, Oil filters, Fuel filters, Cabin filters, Hydraulic filters, Air cartridge, ADBLUE filters, Pre-filters, Filter kits Engine oils, Gearbox oil, Brake oil, Hydraulic oils, Anti-freezers, ADBLUE, Steering oil, Grease lubricant Engine mountings, Connecting rods, Bearings, Cases, Crank shafts, Gaskets, Engines, Joints, Screws, Pistons, Linners, Valves, Short blocks, Electronic control unit Water pumps, Belts, Expansion tanks, Fans, Belt tensioners, Water Radiators, Intercooler Radiators, Pulleys, Sensors, Tensors, Water Pipes, Hoses Alternators, Batteries, Horns , Cables, Light switches, Electrovalves, Lights, Starters, Headlights, Electrical Terminals, Electrical units Shock absorbers, Stabilizer bars, Suspension bars, Pneumatic pistons, Bushings, Suspension cylinder, Air bellows, Repair kit, Air mountings, Supports, Suspension valves Centre bearings, Cardan joints, Journal crosses, Flanges, Bolts, Joints, Support bearing stubs, Supports, Drive shafts Slack adjusters, Break chambers, Brake pads, Air compressors, Air dryers, Brake discs, Brake shoes, Brake modulators, Brake drums, Sensors, Brake pipes, Air valves Tie rods, Steering pumps, Steering boxes, Cylinders, Columns, Filters, Repair kits, Tie rod ends


Completely satisfied

"Motorbus is a good partner - one which conveys wholesome trust and transparency, provides good, quality products, with immediate and competitive response... We are completely satisfied with Motorbus"

Osvaldo Costa - Tracar

Enormous competence and capacity

"It is a strategic supplier, with whom we have been partnering for some years, and who has demonstrated enormous competence and ability to respond appropriately to our needs."

Dr. Joaquim Tavares – Álvaro Figueiredo Transportation




Following the declaration of a state of emergency and the measures announced by the Council of Ministers, Motorbus decided to take the following measures:

- Continue operating, further limiting access to our stores (Canelas and Castanheira). All customers will be served at the door and without access to the interior of the store.

- Request once again, all our customers to privilege contacts / requests by phone, mail, skype, whatsapp, facebook or other social network.

- Maintain customer delivery service.

- Appeal, once again, for the anticipation of requests, that is, avoiding last minute requests.

- Maintain the indefinite suspension of commercial visits by our team and also any and all meetings with suppliers / partners.

We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to contribute to overcoming this delicate situation. In this sense, we call on you to avoid unnecessary travel and respect the general duty of home collection.


We call on everyone to understand well.

Many thanks.



Following the latest developments related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus (Corona Virus), Motorbus selected the following measures:

- Continue with our stores open in Canelas and Castanheira, but with reduced staff.

- Ask all our customers to give preference to contacts / orders by phone, mail, skype, whatsapp, facebook or other social network, instead of contacting the store.

- Appeal for anticipation of requests, that is, to avoid the maximum number of requests in the last hour, since the reduction of personnel cannot obtain adequate responses to requests.

- Suspend indefinitely as commercial visits by our team and also meetings already scheduled with suppliers / partners.

Continue to monitor developments and, if necessary, take further action.

We call on everyone to understand well.

Many thanks.

Motorbus distinguished as PME Excelência 2018

For the 7th consecutive year our company is distinguished as PME Excellence Company. Distinction awarded in partnership by IAPMEI, Turismo de Portugal and the portuguese major banks, which aims to reward the financial soundness, economic and financial performance of the best small and medium enterprises, within the context of the national business structure.

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